It is the conscience of the Board and membership that we will operate in accordance with AA Traditions and principles. Thus, we try to be as transparent as possible about decisions around money (budgets, contributions, etc.) and as prudent as warrants a community like ours to accomplish our support of our primary purpose. Only forum members are requested to support our forum.

The “Contribute”  button on the top left of the forum home page provides some indication of the current funding level of the site. The background of the Contribute button changes in accordance with the levels of contributions. The meaning of the various colors is as follows:


    • Red – the forum is currently out of or nearly out of reserves and will cease to be able to function if there are not drastic measures to either increase funding through more contributions or necessary services will need to cease. We are likely to be out of business in a few months at this level.

    • Yellow – the forum has currently covered most or all of it’s operating expenses but our prudent reserve (currently set as a minimum of 6 months operating expenses) is not fully funded.

    • Green – our budgeted operating expenses are covered and our prudent reserve is fully funded up to 9 months of reserves.

    •  Blue – our operating expenses and prudent reserve are covered and we are in a position to possibly commit to additional items identified as important by the board. These additional wish-list items will generally be discussed in the regular Treasurer’s Reports on the forum.


As of 8/1/2019, the forum community is managed by TIAA-FORUM, a registered Colorado association with an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit designation. The forum is financially supported entirely through voluntary contributions from it’s membership.

This community only exists through the service and sacrifice of its members.