Anonymity and Social Media

(presented at 2018 Southwest Regional A.A. Service Assembly in  Branson, MO)
Good morning, SWRAASA!

My name is Martha, and I’m an alcoholic. It’s a privilege and an honor to serve Alcoholics Anonymous as the Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee Chair in Area 10, Colorado, and I’m grateful to be here this weekend.

This morning, we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics in present-day AA: anonymity and its relation to social media. I’d like to start by saying that I don’t believe I have anything novel to suggest on the subject; much has already been said, and far more eloquently than I could say it, about this nuanced balance we are attempting to achieve between practicing our traditions, and leveraging an incredibly far-reaching means of communication to be more helpful to our still-suffering fellows. I’ve never had an original thought in Alcoholics Anonymous, and I don’t intend to start now.

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What are we doing here?

This forum was started by a bunch of AA members who had varying interests and/or skills in using technology in the course of their AA service or programs. The initial seed of the membership of this forum found themselves at the first couple of National AA Technical Workshops but now comprises over 300 folks (as of August 2018) who have gradually collected to:

  1. Ask questions about technology in their AA service work or their AA programs
  2. Offer experience  from their areas, regions, districts and groups with the application of technology solutions in support of AA’s primary purpose
  3. Socialize with people who are trying to solve their common problems without having to “re-invent the wheel…”
  4. We also have a category (like a conference room) for discussion about non-technical things for those in AA service (e.g. Corrections, CPC, Literature, etc.) and some of our member might only have interests in those sorts of topics.

While some of us have extensive backgrounds in technology, many are just “technology curious” or have extensive experience in AA and have concerns about technology or are looking for a place they can learn from others. All are welcome – if you don’t feel welcome, that’s our fault and we’ll try hard to allow all who want to join us in the forum be full respected, valued, full and equal members.