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Hot Topics

This section of the site provides a growing collection of very popular topics that have been discussed at length in the TIAA Forum. TIAA’s trusted servants have gathered some of the best information on these topics from within the Forum into a single area for your convenience. The following are some of the topics that can be accessed at this time.

  • Fellowship Connection
    Fellowship Connection is an AAWS database and associated process for record keeping of groups, districts and areas. GSRs, DCMs and Registrars/TCOs can use their unique login to Fellowship Connection to enter information, generate and utilize reports listing information about groups, districts, and areas, as well as the latest contact data, including email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Google Workspace for Non-profits
    Many of our service organizations have begun utilizing or considering Google Workspace under its free non-profit license for eligible entities. The Google Workspace suite, when strategically implemented, can enhance our support for service organizations and for those in recovery.
  • Migrating a Website to New Web Hosting
    Discussion on migrating a website to new hosting is widely varied within the forum. Members of the forum have outlined several methods in this Hot Topic.
  • A.A. Archives Category
    The TIAA Forum now has a specific Category devoted to the service work of Archives and archivists. Within that Archives Category, AA members can share their experience, strength, and hope in leveraging technology to support that work.
  • Code for Recovery (C4R)
    A community of volunteers in service building and maintaining open source solutions to help the recovery community meet, organize, and recover from addiction.
  • Hybrid Meetings
    Experience from our contributors suggests the “Hybrid Meeting” may be here to stay. We’ve assembled some suggestions for your reference.
  • Digital 7th Tradition
    Numerous options are currently in use, including Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Cash App, and Square.

The Forum

The Forum is for A.A. members to share about using technology for accomplishing the primary purpose of A.A. We range from technology giants to complete novices just interested in the subject. All are AA members or support AA technology, and  all are welcome.

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  • Share your progress as you explore or develop technology in support of A.A.