WordPress FAQ Plugin Options

I think one of the things that could add value and also add public content that is structured and updated occasionally (thus improving SEO) is an FAQ page that is well maintained. It could also assist in community development.

There are 10’s (maybe 100’s) of options available in terms of plugins. Also, doing something “simple” is an option.

Simple options include:

  1. Just using a page or pages – while the simplest, does not bode well for maintainability or presentation – doesn’t structure into sub-sections well and is easy to screw up formatting and stomp on others’ changes. Also doesn’t have any coolness like accordion style displays or nesting into sub-sections.
  2. Use the formidable plugin we already have – since we’ve already decided to use this plugin for our forms (contact, signup, donation, etc.), we could use some forms to do questions and answers but formatting the responses in a way that is pleasant (e.g. accordion displays, groups of questions, etc.) requires additional programming which could only add to the support nightmare going forward.

So, we’re looking for a FAQ plugin that is:

  1. Supported (current or nearly current release, good reviews, 10k+ downloads, active support forum, etc.)
  2. Free or cheap for our requirements – probably < 30 questions to start
  3. Allows some simple styling options (well structured html/css)
  4. Allows at least 4-5 groups of questions (e.g. General, Finance and Donations, Support, etc.)
  5. Accordion at least 1 level of questions

Comments about plugins from reviews/experience:

  1. HTML5 Responsive FAQ