Forms and Donations via Stripe plugins

Of 50k+ add-on’s, you’d think this would be easy (and cheap) but, perhaps, you get what you pay for…

Following are some options investigated (in many cases, the plugins were evaluated based on website/support forums, downloaded and checked out but should not be considered exhaustively investigated).

  1. Formidable Forms seems to be an option – open source(?),  $49 for pro version,  $49 for stripe plugin
  2. Form builder + add-on? form builder pro: $30 stripe plugin: $15 – does not support recurring payments
  3. Direct Stripe – button only
  4. WP full stripe – works but limited form capabilities (only input boxes for custom fields) – no custom entry on subscriptions – $33 license from code canyon
  5. Stripe payments – button only
  6. Ninja forms + plugin – $expensive?
  7. WP forms + plugin – $199/year
  8. Give – has Stripe add-on for $62/yr and Recurring add-on for $197/yr – $25/month for add-on bundle including recurring…
  9. WP Simple Pay – lite does not include custom fields (e.g. anonymous flag) – $49/yr  personal (does not include subscriptions) – $99/yr includes subscriptions, better form builder – While looking great, could not get license for pro version to authenticate in domain – got great support via email and might deserve re-examining, especially if we are open to moving from docker-compose style architecture as that seems likely to be the problem