These are the frequently asked questions and answers about our site, forum and, community. A general FAQ of community guidelines is available here.


What is the the purpose of this site/forum?

This forum is for AA members to share about using technology for accomplishing the primary purpose of AA.

About Our Community:

  • This forum is for both technical and non technical members
  • We hope to share our experience as well as our needs and questions about how and where to use technology in our AA experience and our service entities
  • You can come here to:
    • share your experience with others around using technology in your program and/or your AA service positions
    • share questions about various technology solutions you desire in your program or your AA service efforts
    • share your progress (and/or your team’s progress) as you explore or develop technology in support of your AA program or service
Who can sign up and be a member of this forum?

Any member of Alcoholics Anonymous is welcome to join the forum – whether you have a technical background or not.

Also, if you’re not a member of A. A. but are supporting A. A. service work (either as paid or volunteer staff or serving as a non-member board member of an A. A. organization), you are welcome to join as well.

If you wish to receive an invitation, you can request one here. The current statement of our membership policy is located here.

Who manages and makes decisions for the forum?

As of 8/1/2019, TIAA-FORUM became a registered Colorado Association. We have applied for and received a 501(c)(3) non-profit designation by the IRS. Our organization’s bylaws can be viewed here. In accordance with those bylaws, we have a Board (including organization officers) and an Admin Team


The tiaa-forum.org board is elected from the community membership and is responsible for maintaining the organization, paying the bills, and setting policy and priorities for the community.

Admin Team

A rotating administration team is responsible for the general maintenance and evolution  of the site, including the forum software.

We intend to manage and operate the site in accordance with AA principles. Where decisions affect the forum community as a whole, the admins will, at times, create a poll and ask active members for their input.


What are contributions to this forum used for?

All contributions are used to purchase and maintain the software and services (e.g. DNS listings, hosting, purchased software, etc.) used to keep the forum up and running. A full accounting of our expenses and contributions are available to members.

How are decisions about spending made on the forum?

The TIAA-FORUM Board makes financial decisions in consultation with ‘the Admin Team and with inputs from community membership.

All contributions and expenses are tracked in accordance with our funding statement.

Why are contributions accepted only from forum members?

In accordance with AA’s 7th tradition, which states (in the short form) We are “…self supporting, declining outside contributions,” we feel that only forum members should contribute to it’s support.

How can I change my contribution or subscription?

We are working on a way for members to change their contributions or subscriptions as they wish. At this point though, an administrator will need to cancel/change contributions. You can initiate this at any time by sending an email to info@tiaa-forum.org. Please do not place your credit card information in this email!!!

When we receive your request, we will get back to you as soon as possible.