About TIAA

About this forum/website…

This forum is for AA members (and non-members who support AA services) to share about using technology for accomplishing the primary purpose of AA. The forum is available by invitation only.

To request an invitation please sign up or email: info@tiaa-forum.org.

You can come here to:

  • share your experience with others about using technology in your program and/or your AA service positions
  • share questions about various technology solutions you desire in your program or your AA service efforts
  • share your progress (and/or your team’s progress) as you explore or develop technology in support of your AA program or service

About our Community

We welcome all to our community and hope you’ll find useful information here as well as opportunities to share your questions and experiences in either carrying our message of recovery or supporting those individuals and organizations who carry our message.

While many of us are used to using and supporting technology, a lot of us “have no clue” (or fewer clues…) around computers and devices.

We range in recovery time and service from a few days to multiple decades. We range in responsibility from average members to District and Area officers, committee chairs and members, from Intergroup Staff to Trustee – all are welcome and encouraged to share.

We hope to share our experience as well as our needs and questions about how and where to use technology in our AA experience and our service entities